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$2,000 for bottles of air?

Do you know what it takes to climb Mount Everest?

Do you know what it takes to climb Mount Everest?

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Climbers train for years to reach the physical & mental strength needed to climb this mountain.

Not to mention the $50K-$70K price tag too. (It costs $2,000 just for the bottles of oxygen you need up there.)

So you can imagine that climbers who dream of tackling this great peak one day, take a gradual step-by-step approach.

They don’t sit around the house eating chips and decide to climb a mountain.


They go bush walking, then progress to hikes and finally climb more and more challenging mountains over the years.

You have to look at your online business with the same perspective.

First you learn the fundamentals.

Then you take some small action to apply your knowledge.

You learn more advanced techniques.

Then you apply those as well.

Each step of the way, you tackle bigger and bigger mountains until you’ve reached the peak of financial freedom.

People often want to run to the top of the mountain. In terms of Everest, this is absurd.

What’s strange is that people don’t realize it’s exactly the same in business.

Tackling small steps, is more important than quick sprints. You need to work your goals every week. Bit by bit.

Remember your coaches are there to help you climb to the next peak.

Never feel alone climbing to new heights.
We’re always here to help.

Join our team of climbers and reach your peak potential with Digital Altitude >>

See you at the Top,

Michael Force

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