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Stay at Home Dads Best at Home Businesses

If you are one of many stay at home dads looking for a way to earn an extra income, you may have realized a lot of at home businesses are geared towards women. You probably don’t want to sell jewelry at your child’s mommy and me class, but what options are available for guys?

Anyone can start an at home business, but typically men have different interests than women do. That doesn’t mean coming up with a business idea that will fit your needs is impossible. Stay at home dads can earn just as much, if not more than stay at home moms.

You can consider becoming an insurance agent. While you may have to take short classes and pass a test to become state licensed, insurance is a very lucrative industry to work in. As an independent insurance agent, you can easily work from your home.

While life/health insurance agents may need to schedule appointments to visit potential customers, a property/casualty agent can easily handle quotes over the phone. If you choose to be an independent insurance agent, you could even write insurance for numerous companies which increases your work flexibility and potential income significantly.

If being an insurance agent isn’t the at home business for you, then you can consider being a financial planner. Financial planners help people plan for their future. There are many reasons one may need a financial planner; they may have a new addition to their family, they may have just been married, or even just been divorced. Countless life changing events can trigger the need for a financial planner and that means a huge potential market for your services.

If you like video games and are good with computers you may be a good video game designer. While it may be difficult to work with the top video game companies, there is a huge market for home made video games and even computer games. If you don’t want to create video games, you can even get a job as a video game reviewer and do this work from home.

You might also consider working with your hands. You could repair cars, start a landscaping business or use your wood working skills to make products and sell them online.

Other possible home businesses for stay at home dads include being a graphic designer, freelance writer, or even a freelance photographer. The options for those looking to start an at home business are countless. With a little creativity, determination, and hard work you can easily transition from stay at home dad to work at home dad.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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