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The “Venetian way” to stay on track and succeed

A friend of mine just came back from a trip to the Greek island of Crete, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean.

He said that one of the highlights was visiting the Venetian lighthouse in Chania.


Back in the 16th century, this lighthouse guided ships to the safety of the port town.

We have GPS today, so lighthouses aren’t used much anymore.

But take yourself back in time.

You’re on a boat at sea with precious cargo to deliver.

It’s the thick of night as you desperately search for your port.

There’s nothing around.

It’s pitch black.

You have no idea where you are or which direction to head.

No lighthouse in sight.

What do you do?

Do you turn the ship around and go home?

Do you drop anchor and hope the lighthouse appears?

Do you sail ahead blind and risk smashing into rocks?

Sadly, this scenario plays out every day with many people who are trying to make money online.

They don’t have a guiding light to steer them in the right direction.

As a result, they drift into the storm of every product launch that promises to solve their problem.

You know the one.

The next “cutting-edge”, “cool” technique to make X amount of unrealistic dollars.

The latest bright, shiny “last software you will ever need” because it automates everything for you… including washing your car and picking up your children from school every day.

You just show up and cash the checks. (Yeah, right!)

Or, worst of all, your ship smashes into the “do it all yourself” rocks.

After losing a couple of years of your life and thousands of dollars to costly mistakes, you finally give up.

Depressed, you sink into the watery depths of being stuck in your J.O.B, along with a sinking feeling that you’ll be stuck there forever.

Fortunately for you, you found the Digital Altitude Lighthouse to guide you.

And now you’re in an enviable, extremely lucky position.

You have all the tools you’ll ever need to discover success online.

Just follow the proven steps inside your Digital Altitude membership.

They WILL steer your online ship towards the safe, prosperous harbor you seek.

See you at the Top,

Michael Force


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