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How to get more stuff done in 2017

Well, we’ve come to the end of 2016.

How to get more stuff done in 2017

Went quick, didn’t it?

I hope that you’ve had a great year.

One thing that I love to do in December, is reflect on the past year.

I’ll sit in my office, close the door and journal about my wins, opportunities and how to make next year even better.

I like to call it “reflect, review and revamp.”

By looking at previous shortfalls and improving them, I can improve my productivity.

First up is Reflect.

Here you write the facts of the year.

  • What actions did you take in your business?
  • How much time did you dedicate to it?

This could’ve been anything that moved your business forward: writing blog posts, learning the material or creating ads. Anything.

Next up is Review.

Here is where you reflect on your results.

  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t go to plan?
  • Did you accomplish your goals?
  • Why? Why not?

And lastly, Revamp.

Does something stand out about your results?

Did you identify any patterns about the year?

What productive habits can you put in place based on your behavior from 2016?

Now that you’re armed with the wins and opportunities of 2016, what are you going to do different? (Remember that your coach can help out here!)

It’s amazing what impact this simple 20 minute exercise can have on your next year.

Take the challenge.

Reflect, review, revamp and see what nuggets of gold you discover about your habits, behaviors and actions.

See you at the top of a Very Happy New Year,

Michael Force


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